Rachel & James | Esther Pederson Photography

In recognition of World Breastfeeding Week back in August, our local regional hospital (Norton Sound Regional Hospital) and organizer Libby Steimel held a raffle which included items for new or expecting moms. One of those prizes was a maternity shoot with me! As it turned out, the winner was my friend Rachel and husband James, who are expecting their first babe next month! Thrilled? YES! I was not only thrilled to be able to capture them on camera for my own sake, but also thrilled that such a deserving and excited mom won this special package.

The expecting months sometimes drag on for moms, especially the last agonizing ones, which are both exhausting, full of excitement and maybe a touch stressful, as you make sure you have every detail lined out before the big day. But once the baby arrives, it seems like you almost forget what things were like when baby was still in utero, as expected since all that energy is now focused on your new baby. To me, one of the times a woman is most beautiful is when carrying a child. Not only for the so called “glow”, but for all the changes that happen only in pregnancy, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It definitely is a special time, and to take this time to preserve the memories for couples is what I love to do. Rachel is one of those people who absolutely shines on camera. The camera loves her look, which is so timeless and elegant. I’m excited for you both, as you anticipate your son’s arrival. This is a time you will never forget or regret. Parenthood is something you can’t describe, but once you experience it, your life changes for the better. You will be great parents, as I have seen BOTH of you work in other children’s lives and outpour your love for them. Can you just imagine what the love will be like for your own flesh and blood? Ahhh, it’s overwhelming to think of it like that. :) Enjoy the preview guys, and again, congratulations! Blgo1





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