Ariana…senior 2014 | Esther Pederson Photography

Is there anything sweeter or more adorable and fun than a high school senior? Ok, maybe a puppy, but puppies don’t sit still and do what I tell them for a photo! :) hehe. Ari was TONS of fun, had an amazing style sense, and best of all, we got to shoot in a totally unique location at her request. This was a dream session complete with my own personal assistant and stylist, Dylan. Thank you Dylan for coming along! Like most of my seniors, Ari has built in talent and drive. After all, we took these photos about an hour after her volleyball meet was over! Ain’t no thang!! I couldn’t have asked for much more, it was a fun fun shoot. Good luck with the rest of your season Ari, and I am definitely looking forward to watching you on that basketball court!! Congrats on your senior year gal. Enjoy it! Blog1





Erin Gustafson posted the following on September 26, 2013 at 6:22 pm.

Beautiful pictures! I feel really old because Ari was the 1st class I taught at Beltz and now she is graduating!

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