Tundra Tee | Esther Pederson Photography

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to shoot some commercial images for Alice, owner of Tundra Tee, for her new website she is planning. Everything worked out beautifully, the weather, the fall colors, and most importantly the models. Everyone did a wonderful job in front of the camera, I was impressed! They sure rocked their session like real models! What’s neat is that all of these people are Alice’s friends and are from her hometown of Koyuk, which is one of the villages outside of Nome. Having this representation and local connection in her business is what I call “Authentic!” Alice definitely knows where her heart belongs, and putting that together with her passion for her business is what makes her a true success. She is a sweet lady and a hard worker. I hope these images will help sell a lot of your designs Alice! I had fun taking them! Blog9









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