Zulai…South High Senior 2015 | Esther Pederson Photography

This is Zulai. Zulai flew in from Anchorage for the weekend to get her senior photos done. How cool is that? I feel honored and extremely giddy because not only is she beautiful, she’s also super cool with a great personality. We had a lot of fun riding in and around Nome in her Mom’s truck, super crammed full of clothes, accessories, boots, and my camera gear. We talked about her senior plans for this year, and also her future goals. My oh my, she has it ALL lined out in detail. :) Her family is super proud of her accomplishments so far and I know things will continue to look bright for her future. Have a great year, Zulai and good luck with basketball this year!! Thanks for choosing Esther Pederson Photography for capturing your senior year memories!Blog1



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