Alex…NBHS senior 2015 | Esther Pederson Photography

Alex. Another all around great young guy I got to work with this fall! His Mama scheduled him early this summer and wanted to make sure we got them done. I just couldn’t believe she was scheduling Alex, because I was in disbelief that he was already a senior! Living in a small town has it’s benefits, one of them is getting to know students and athletes and watching them grow up. We’ve been watching Alex play basketball and wrestle for years now. And I just couldn’t believe he is already nearing the end of high school. Anyway, the best part of his session was his location choice. Beautiful Solomon! Distance shoots aren’t always possible but I love it when they work out because it gives the photos a whole different look from the normal. As if looking handsome wasn’t enough, he took time out of his weekend at camp to get these done. I mean, what guy would rather be at camp, hunting birds and being all rugged. :) Probably all guys right?! Well, even if it was an inconvenience, he surely didn’t show it. Thanks for the patience while waiting for this sneak peak to surface. I will be working on your gallery images this week! Enjoy…until then. Blog1



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