Rena…NBHS senior 2015 | Esther Pederson Photography

Rena was my final senior this season. What a great way to finish my fall too! I enjoyed my time with her and she couldn’t have made my job easier. She was so giggly and fun. She said she was nervous, but I didn’t see one ounce of that during our session or in the photos. What a natural beauty! The colors of the tundra completely complimented her outfits, skin and hair. And her smile just totally topped off the wow factor. I had to include one serious one though, because I think she totally nailed it. She looks like she’s straight out a magazine in that last one….I mean, WOW, it’s one of my favorites for sure! Thanks for your time and attention Rena!! I loved hanging out with you and the big sis! :)Blog1




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