Lacy…senior 2015 | Esther Pederson Photography

What a ball of sunshine! Lacy is truly one of those people who make you smile, she is fun to be around and her happiness is contagious. I’m so proud for her, as she is approaching her graduation day. I know it’s always hard to finish strong when you have so many other things on your mind like summer, college, friends, prom, boys, 😉 scholarship applications, jobs, and just plain spring! And with our days getting longer and brighter it certainly is hard to stay on track with anything. But she is taking it strong to the end, and with senior photos finally out of the way she can breathe a little easier! It was a bright one, as our days in Nome have been full of sun and with snow still on the ground, the reflection is super killer on the eyes. We powered through and Lacy was amazing, beautiful and so easy to work with. She calls herself a tomboy, but I personally think she could be a model….she is ridiculous. So flawless and the camera just loves her face! I think I even told her I wanted to squish her and take her home…haha!! Thanks for brightening my day Lacy! Enjoy your last month of school- I hope you love your little sneak peak as much as I do!


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